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The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and as you start gathering Xmas party ideas for your work group or plan an end-of-year event for your entire office, you want it to stand out as the highlight of your company’s event calendar. It’s a chance to gather your entire team or company for a celebration that brings everyone closer together. 🎉

While traditional festive meals and gatherings have their own charm, many businesses are now seeking more than just a social feast with colleagues. They’re looking for a more interactive, engaging, and memorable experience that allows their teams to bond in unique ways. If you’re searching for such an opportunity that truly elevates your year-end celebration, Urban Quest in Melbourne might just be the perfect solution. 👌

Is Team Building On Your List Of Xmas Party Ideas?

Urban Quest’s team building is so much fun that is never perceived as a team building activity, more like a party! An Urban Quest is not your typical team building exercise. Any Urban Quest experience, in one form or another, is an emotionally charged and interactive race that turns your colleagues into daring explorers. In teams, they embark on a thrilling adventure where they hunt for hidden clues, solve intricate riddles, and complete hilarious challenges.

What sets all Urban Quest experiences apart is that all of this is achieved while participants are completely guided by their smartphones. No unnecessary props, maps or clipboards to run around with. We’ve removed the things of the past that can only hinder the festive spirits. Another reason to keep Urban Quest at the top of your Xmas party ideas list!

It’s not just about fun though; it’s about your team coming together in ways you’ve never imagined, which is precisely what you want from your Christmas event.

Xmas Party Ideas That Are Scalable For Any Group Size

One of the challenges of organising a Christmas event is managing group sizes. Whether you’re dealing with a large corporate gathering or a more intimate team affair, Urban Quest is ready to assist. Thanks to the clever technology underpinning our events, all Urban Quests are readily scalable. This means that we can effortlessly cater to both large and small groups, ensuring that everyone can participate in the festive fun.

Expert Hosts For A Special Xmas Experience

Urban Quest takes your fun Christmas celebrations seriously (yeah, we know this phrase is a bit of a cliche but it’s a kind of fact 😎). We understand that this time of year should be big on joy and the feeling of being special. That’s why our Urban Quest Hosts are experts at setting the right mood. 

When you arrive at the event, you’ll be welcomed warmly and provided with a comprehensive game briefing. Then, you and your team are off to explore the course, relying on each other’s skills, solving riddles, and cracking challenges. All the while, your host is expertly curating the event in the background and capturing those memorable moments with great photos. 

At the conclusion of your Quest, your host gathers everyone together for a detailed debrief, sharing highlights of your game and facilitating lots of laughs. This careful curation ensures that your team enjoys a truly special experience together.

Catering And Socialising – Xmas Party Ideas Sorted

For many, Christmas events are synonymous with catering and drinks. While Urban Quest delivers excitement and adventure during the Quest itself, you can easily transition to the socialising part of your event afterwards. Having drinks or a meal is a perfect way to continue the festivities. The buzz and energy generated during the Quest will keep the conversations flowing, ensuring an uplifting and enjoyable experience for all.

We’ve joined forces with some reputable venues around the CBD and in Docklands to make sure there is an appropriate environment for the start and finish. The pre-start briefing and post-event awards ceremony with drinks are an essential part of every experience and must be held in a suitable space in order to complement and enhance the Urban Quest experience. The venues we work with have been hand-picked and approved by us to make sure there is an appropriate level of service and, most importantly, the right vibe!

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Top Urban Quest Team Building Ideas For Your Christmas Party in Melbourne

Ocean’s 11 in CBD

This event starts and finishes at The Lion Hotel in Melbourne Central, located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, making it an ideal choice for conveniently adding drinks or a meal to your celebrations.

As the teams crack their first clue and uncover their destination, they burst out into the bustling streets, armed with smartphones and a shared mission. They dive headlong into the urban labyrinth in a thrilling chase, with each team racing to reach their next challenge location.

The CBD serves as an ideal backdrop for team building with colleagues who have travelled from interstate or overseas. It’s an entertaining and dynamic way to introduce them to Melbourne, forging stronger bonds and creating shared memories that will be cherished long after the team building event has concluded. After all, there’s immense value in reminiscing about a fantastic, fun-filled experience that was shared as a team.

The experience is titled Ocean’s 11 and is loosely based on the story of Danny and Rusty, head members of the gang of intellectual thieves planning their next heist. This is Urban Quest’s flagship activity, the one that has been recently upgraded with the latest technology advances and received an Augmented Reality treatment, elevating the participants’ engagement even further.

A lot of local and international teams loved Ocean’s 11 and are choosing Ocean’s 12 –  the second Urban Quest’s CBD route as the logical continuation of their previous adventure. Quite often teams want a rematch to improve their previous score and to prove that they are the best! 

See the best scores and who the industries’ leaders are in the leaderboards for each game route on our Corporate Team Building page 

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Questbusters in Docklands

If you’re looking for a Christmas event with a twist, Questbusters will have you and your team solving clues and riddles in the scenic wharf waterfront and Marvel stadium precinct. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the unexpected and interesting local art installations and locations featured in this Quest. Moreover, questing by the waterfront offers a refreshing holiday feel. When possible, this Quest can conclude at a local bar or restaurant, ensuring that your Christmas festivities can seamlessly continue.

What does ‘Questbusters’ mean, you may ask? Well, it’s obviously a pun on Ghostbusters and the saying, which all locals are perfectly aware of, that Docklands is a ghost town. With this activity, Urban Quest will have you prove the opposite!

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Quest Domain in Kings Domain

If you prefer a more natural setting, Kings Domain (see what we did with the game title here? 🙂), located next to the Botanic Gardens, offers a picturesque backdrop for your Christmas adventure. As your team hunts for challenges and solves riddles amidst this gorgeous green expanse, you’ll truly feel like you’ve escaped the ‘big smoke.’ After completing your Quest, you can head for drinks or a meal at one of the fabulous locations along Southbank or Federation Square. And when possible, we can even customize your Quest to finish at a location of your choice.

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Fitzroy Gardens Mega Quest: Perfect for Large Groups

Do you have an extensive group comprising an entire office of a large company that may count hundreds of employees?

When we say we accept groups of any size, we mean exactly that. To be specific, we can easily cater to groups of up to 1000 people. For numbers exceeding that, we may want to put our heads together to cook up something very individual though, as our motto has always been “Yes, we can!’. While that may sound overconfident, orchestrating a logistical masterpiece for such a significant number of participants that are simultaneously engaged in a competitive activity, is no small feat. That’s why we’ve designed a unique experience called ‘Questartup’ to cater specifically to this purpose.

How does it work?

We’ve transformed the largest park on the fringe of Melbourne CBD – Fitzroy Gardens – into a gigantic playground for your team. In this mega quest, every team is a candidate vying to work in the world’s most authoritative companies. They’re put to the test through a series of tricky but fun challenges, questions, riddles, and problems to solve as a team. Hence the name Questartup, which is the mix of a Quest and a Start-Up! 

All of this is facilitated through our unique game platform and other modern technologies like QR codes, ensuring the engagement levels remain sky-high, even with a large number of participants. The competitive spirits will run high, and while only one team emerges as the winner, as with any other Urban Quest experience, the biggest reward is participation.

Urban Quest appears to be the only provider in Melbourne offering an experience for such large groups. It’s a testament to our commitment to making your corporate Christmas party truly extraordinary.

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Customised Quests For Your Unique Needs. How’s That For A Xmas Party Idea?

At Urban Quest, we understand that every company and team is unique. If you’re looking for a more personalised experience tailored to your specific location, group size, or preferences, don’t hesitate to reach out to us about a custom quest. We’re here to make your Christmas celebration as special and memorable as possible.

iSpy Quest: Customised Team Building

For those seeking a truly unique Christmas party experience, our iSpy Quest offers the perfect solution. Whether you’re planning an event at your conference venue or a serene retreat location, we’ve got you covered with tailored corporate team building activities right at your chosen spot.

Imagine a team building event designed exclusively to match your specific requirements and location, be it at the office, an offsite venue, or a conference facility. This level of customisation ensures that your team building event is perfectly aligned with your objectives.

Now, it’s important to note that crafting a personalized experience like iSpy Quest requires a bit more preparation and coordination. That’s why we recommend planning well in advance. Our team will conduct a thorough site inspection at your chosen location, collaborating closely with venue managers and staff to ensure that the designated areas are not only available but also ideally suited for Urban Quest activities.

While we handle all the logistics behind the scenes, you can relax with the knowledge that your custom iSpy Urban Quest will be an engaging and unforgettable experience, precisely tailored to your team’s needs and the unique characteristics of your chosen venue. It’s the surefire way to make your Christmas team event truly stand out!

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Stop Looking For Xmas Party Ideas. Start Creating Lasting Memories!

Ultimately, the goal of a corporate Christmas party is to foster a sense of community, appreciation, and celebration among employees. Paying attention to these aspects can help create a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Undertaking an Urban Quest for your Christmas party should ensure you achieve exactly that. It’s not just an event; it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories, strengthen bonds, and set a positive tone for the year ahead.

So, cross the big one out of your Xmas party ideas list and make this holiday season truly unforgettable with Christmas team building activities from Urban Quest that will have your team talking about it well into the New Year. 

If making this decision involves someone else from your team, put Urban Quest on your list of Xmas party ideas to present and start planning your corporate Christmas party adventure today!

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